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Bruxism is a very common problem affecting many people both young and old. It commonly has 2 types;

  1. Clenching or gritting your teeth
  2. Gnashing or sideways movement of teeth.

Most people are unaware that they even do this, as it mostly occurs at night during sleep.  But it presents itself in both your  teeth and the muscles around your face and head.

In the teeth, it can cause irregular wear on the edges of the teeth, chips and fractures in the teeth and in severe grinders the teeth start to shorten as they are slowly ground down.

In the face and head, you can get tenderness or pain in your jaw joint (Temporomandibular joint or TMJ), aches or pain in your cheeck areas or headaches, that do not go away.

During your examination some of these signs are visible, but if you feel that this may be affecting you, please talk to our Dentists about this.

There are a number of treatments available to help deal with this, which may include, Occlusal Splint therapy( Night Guard), Physiotherapy, massage, and bio-feed back techniques.