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Preventative Dental Care Services in Melbourne

The best way to fix a problem is to avoid it in the first place.

This is the basis behind all Preventative dentistry. Whether you are trying to stop any gum problems from occurring, or preventing decay in both kids and adults, or making sure your children’s teeth are developing properly, regular maintanence is vitally important.

At Ormond Dental we have a full time Hygiene Programme. Our dedicated OHT’s , who work alongside the Dentists, are here to help prevent a range of problems, or to help manage existing problems from getting any worse.

Our hygiene programme,  involves regular dental checks and hygiene, usually every 6mths, and for those with more serious gum problems, a programme that involves 3 or 4mthly cleaning and hygiene to improve and resolve

ongoing gum problems. So if you need to discuss any preventative issues, please call or talk to any of our staff.