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As with most technologies, they are constantly evolving and changing. Here at Ormond Dental we strive to keep up with these changes.

Digital Radiographs

Emitting up to 90% less radiation than their traditional film counterparts, low dose digital radiographs (x-rays) are a safer, more efficiency and accurate x-ray technology, allow us to view the results almost instantaneously on the overhead screens.

Low dose, digital x-rays are an invaluable asset to our practice assisting us in effective treatment planning and diagnosis.

Digital Intra-Oral and Extra-Oral cameras

If we need to show you what’s going on in your mouth, a picture is truly worth a thousand words.

We know you trust us, but its always nice for you to see, exactly what we see in your mouth. This enables a proper discussion about any course of treatment that may be recommended.

Digital Implant Guides

Our  M-Guides are designed on a computer and 3D printed, so when you have your implant placed, it allows us to place the implant at exactly the correct angle and exact depth, removing any possible errors

Digitally designed Crown and Bridges

Even your crowns and bridges are digitally designed on a computer, shape, size and orientation by our skilled Ceramic technicians, giving us exceptional fit.

Computer systems

Even our computers that store all you information, are secure. We run high level security, specialized off site (in Australia) backups, and they are digitally monitored 24/7 to protect everone.